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Album Name: Club Meeting Return to Albums
Album Date: Aug 26, 2010
Description: Our Special Guest Speaker tonight was Dr. Brad Wong of Aloha Medical Mission.
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
Our Guest Speaker Dr. Brad Wong spoke about the great works that the Aloha Medical Missions have performed. They have changed the lives of so many children and adults. Through his poignant photos, our speaker shared the story of the many missions he has accomplished. Our Public Relations Director Beth Hoban worked as a nurse on Dr. Brad Wong's medical mission team in 1988. Rotarian and ED of Aloha Medical Mission. Rotarian Sheri Shively visited our club on this evening.
Sheri wrote a book about her year that she spent serving as chaplain in Iraq. What a beautiful group of people this is!!!
Here is -  Jan Reischel (second on left) and her business associate, Anna
Fishburn, Johnny Sanchez, and Dianne Ward SHaka City !
PP Harry Kubota, PDG Ayman El-Dakhakhni, and Marco Schlesser Sistahs!
Aloha to Rosa Chen and PP Gloria Lao! Nice to see you both!
(Hey- where's Brandon????) You can't hold a good man down!!
PP Samir El Swaify and New Generations Director Richard Nettell are doing their best to get Vocational Director Harold Murray to sit with them!
TA - DAH! says resident Magician Glen Bailey. Wait a minute....wasn't Beth Hoban just sitting next to her husband District Secretary Jim???? Hey, Glen, where did Beth go??? Charlie Weems, Larry Rawson, Elle Zhang, and Yoshie Weems enjoyed the ambience of the beautiful Waikiki Yacht Club.      


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