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Album Name: Off Site Vocational Meeting Return to Albums
Album Date: Sep 23, 2010
Description: Mahalo to Ash Matar and PDG Ayman El-Dakhakhni for hosting our off-site meeting at their VIP Transportation business location near the airport. Thank you to Club Service Director Joanna Amberger for organizing the great BBQ and food buffet and to Public Relations Director/Photographer/News Editor Beth Hoban for the photos!
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
A BIG thank  you goes out to our hosts for the evening, VIP Transportation owners PDG Ayman El=Dakhakhni and Ash Matar! Thank you for your wonderful service to the community and your excellent work ethics! Mahalo to TEAM VIP! President Chuck Harris and Visiting Rotarian Dr. Herwig Paretzke, a member of RC Munich International and the Vice Commodore of IYFR Fleet Weser-Jade, exchange club banners. Welcome, Dr. Herwig! Our Guest from Germany, Dr. Herwig Paretzke with VIP owners, PDG Ayman El-Dakhakhni and Ash Matar. Norris Sandvold, Al Dixon and PP Win Schoneman man the fires of the BBQ grilles.
Club Service Director Joanna Amberger organized the great food choices!
Everything was delicious!  Mahalo to Joanna and her committee. Many thanks to PP Win Schoneman for bringing the dessert! What else but delicious mochi ice cream from Bubbies!!! Enjoying the picnic style dining experience: Kaz Nomi, Johnny Sanchez, Yoshie Weems, President Chuck Harris, AG Liz Kane, and Dianne Ward. It was a beautiful evening for great fellowship and talk story time! Enjoying the good food and friendship are Lei Darcey, German Rotarian Dr.Herwig Paretzke, Doug Kam-Young, Jerry Taniyama, and Jonathan Okabe. Doris Sandvold, Anna Fishburn, Ash Matar, Norris Sandvold, and Sweet girl Leilani.
What a great idea it was to have this event be a joint venture with the Pau Hana Club! We were happy that the members of the Pau Hana club could join us on this vocational off site meeting. President Chuck was in  charge of directing traffic! Dr. Mina Ganapathy and Dr. Charlie Weems dig in to the great grinds at the BBQ. Hey, Charlie, are those your famous beans in that crock pot? District Secretary Jim Hoban with Anna Fishburn.
The members could take a tour of the beautiful interiors of the VIP buses. Here Delorese Gregoire, Johnny Sanchez and Dianne Ward check out the Tiffany Bus. Inside another one of the beautiful buses is Public Relations Director Beth Hoban and VIP owner, Ash Matar. This is a great photo of Norris and Delores Sandvold!! What great smiles these are from PDG Ayman, Delorese Gregoire, Ash Matar, and Delores Sandvold! Many thanks to everyone who helped to put this off site vocational meeting together. It was a huge success!  


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