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Photo Albums

Album Name: A farewell party for Charlie and Yoshie Weems Return to Albums
Album Date: Oct 30, 2010
Description: Our October Social Event was a secretly planned Farewell Party for loyal Sunset Rotarians Drs. Yoshie and Charlie Weems. The dress of the event - of course! Cowboy outfits!
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
Honolulu Sunset Members waiting the arrival of Charlie and Yoshie in their Charlie and Yoshie masks. This was just too clever and cute! SHHH!  Here they come..... READY....... SURPRISE! 
Wait a minute. Something is wrong with this picture! Charlie and Yoshie are dressed like PIRATES! There were so many Charlie and Yoshie  imposters there that it was hard to tell who was whom.  My guess is this is Prez. Chuck and First Lady Janet?
Hmmmm....... I wonder who these two Yoshie and Charlie Imposters are? Charlie passes on his LEAD DOG powers to up the silent auction bids to PEN Beth Hoban. Hey, BooBoo, who's the LEAD DOG now? No question about their identity ---  it's Sandy Gaston and Bob Reischel! YEEE....HAAAH!!!! Now here are some mighty fine cowpokes -  Betsy Kubota, PP Harry Kubota, and Jim Hoban.
Continuing with the Western theme of the night - here's Joanna Amberger and hubby Mike! President Elect Paul Jurcsak and Family mozy-ed on down to the join the other cowpokes. Yee Haw! Lookin' Good , Jurcsak Family! Al and Hattie Dixon got into the spirit of the night. The Lao Family - Howie,  Gloria, and Brandon PDG Ayman El-Dakhakhni and Joann Lefley give a Halloween Hug to Baby Pumpkin, I mean Brandon! Look how cute he is!
Awwww.......Brandon is so cute. Mom Gloria Lao looked cute too as a kitty cat. MAIKI and RICHARD , you look MAH-VEL - OUS , dah-lings, MAH-VEL-OUS! Richard Nettell and Dianne Ward - Sorry but I have no more words for Richard's outfit. Dianne you look really cute! The many tired faces of the Weems at the end of a very fun night. Farewell, Charlie and Yoshie. We will miss you! We will cherish your friendship, your love and support, and your loyalty to Rotary. Godspeed, dear Yoshie and Charlie!  Malama Pono and A Hui Hou!
We hope that you will always be better than a sharp stick in the eye!


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